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Standout Dancers 2018

Standout Dancers are dancers that impressed the judges at one of our regional competitions. They will be invited to perform a production number at one of our two National locations. They will be taught a production routine at Nationals that will open up our afternoon at the Grand Nationals held on the last day of each National competition. A special note will be made of their names and the studio they represent!

We will start to post videos right here on the Standout dancers tab. You must do your best to learn the choreography posted online. Look for the videos to start coming out the first week in May.

We will then post a schedule two weeks before each Nationals were the Choreographer will work with select age groups. Rehearsals will work around competition schedules and be flexible. Then on the night before Grand Nationals there will be a three hour staging rehearsal onstage.

For costumes we ask that you wear something from Starz dance competition. Or anything you can move in that has Stars on it. Also please bring all your dance shoe options, Hip hop, Tap, Ballet, Point, Jazz. If you don’t do one of the styles don’t worry about bring shoes for that style.

If you have any questions feel free to Email